Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Small Smattering of Unknown Photographs

Thanks to everyone checking out my blog!  I really appreciate all the nice comments!  I will be posting a new researched photo soon, but to tide you over, I thought I'd post a small selection of my favorite unknowns.  :)

First, I must admit, I don't tend to hold on to these photographs since it's almost impossible to identify the family from which it originated.  So, while I do still have some of these in my possession, others have been acquired by collectors.  This is an acceptable compromise for me as I feel they will take good care of these pictures.

The first photo I love is a nice tintype of two girls, a dog, and a tiny puppy.  It's rather rare to see animals in photographs of this age (to this day I think this is the only one I've come across) which is a big part of the reason I find it so great.

Presumably the two girls are sisters, but who knows for sure!  It's photos like this though that make me realize that in a lot of ways, things really aren't so different now than they were back then.

Here's what I like to call a "personality" photo.  Let's face it, most photographs of the time are rather plain portraits of a person, with little to no smile, partly because they had to sit forever to get their photo taken.

This photo however (also a tintype), is of an obviously flirty woman.  Perhaps this photo was sent to a husband/boyfriend/fiance?  Or perhaps she just wanted this photo for herself!  I wish I knew the background behind this image, as I'm certain she has an extremely interesting story to tell.

And this last photo just looks like fun! :)


  1. Love that personality photo. Adorable! So fun.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. Old photos are SO interesting, aren't they? Some people, no matter how they're posed, just radiate personality.
    There was a photo I came across in an antique shop years ago, of a middle-aged woman dressed in unadorned black, with her hair pulled back so severely that I'm certain it must have hurt. Her facial expression was so stern that I almost apologized for touching the photo!
    I'd much rather see photos that make me grin! Thanks for posting these.