Thursday, August 30, 2012

Unknown photos

Although some of the photos I've found have been lucky enough to have names attched, many do not.  I'd be willing to estimate less than 5% of photos have their subjects identified.  Because of that rather startling statistic, I have decided to dedicate several pages to these unknown photos.  There will be links on the side to view these.  Hopefully someone will recognize one of them.  They will be arranged by state, wherever possible, and possibly by city.


  1. I acquired a 19th century photo album where almost none of the photos were identified. I've been able to identify a few of these based upon some research as well as being able to date the photo. You can read about this at Photo Genealogy at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets.

    Regards, Jim

  2. Rather than a table of unidentified pictures, you've given life to photos with only tidbits of information on them. Great blog - I look forward to reading more!

  3. Katie, I just found your blog via GeneaBloggers. Best wishes to you as you bring the subjects of these orphan photos to light again. While it's a hope about a needle in a haystack, I keep hoping some orphan photo angel like you will stumble upon the lost photos of my own families...

  4. Great Blog, welcome GeneaBloggers, I am looking forward to reading more.